Steelism - "China Plate"
Written by Andrew Combs, Spencer Cullum Jr., & Jeremy Fetzer and published by Chunk of Coal Publishing/Songs of R&T (SESAC), Human Error Music (BMI), & Layla Lou Music (ASCAP)
615 to Fame (Single Lock Records, 2014)

“Steelism's 'China Plate' (cockney rhyming slang for 'mate') was inspired by Dick Dale's surf-rock and the western synth wizardry of Hugo Montenegro. Spencer Cullum Jr.'s steel guitar was played with a sitar bar for an Eastern feel while guitarist Jeremy Fetzer used three vintage Fender amps. Produced by Andrew Combs and Steelism, the track was cut to 2" tape at Nashville's Toy Box Studio through the MCI console that lived in Criteria studio from 1968-78 (where 'Hotel California' was recorded)."—Electric Western/Coin Records