Caveman - "Where's the Time?"
Caveman (Fat Possum Records, 2013)

“As is the case with many a band on the rise, the price of popularity often comes at the surprise expense of everyone's own personal life. When Iwanusa sings, 'Where's the time to waste on someone else's life?' on 'Where's the Time,' it's hard not to read between the lines. Wonder and regret seem to fuel the record in almost equal measure.


"'A lot people don't relate to the idea of cinematic music—something that sounds like a film soundtrack—but I love that notion,' says Iwanusa. 'I love music that conjures a mood, sets a tone, and inspires a certain kind of visual. I hope people can get that from this record: a sound that accompanies this big ship flying through the trees, this big, crazy light that just fills up the sky.'"—Caveman


Members: Matthew Iwanusa, Jimmy Carbonetti, Stefan Marolachakis, Sam Hopkins, Jeff Berrall