Vagina Tree, original painting and detail

“The first Voutsa wallpaper patterns were inspired by cave paintings, mimicking the movements of the human form. I began on large scrolls of paper with nudes, then zoomed in on the body: hands, nipples, and ears. Transferring these paintings into digitally printed wallpapers presented a fresh combination of simplicity and chic.

"As Voutsa grows, it remains my desire to create wallpapers that ignite the eye and activate a room, generating fantasy through brush strokes, abstraction and bold coloration. My recent collection of flora, fauna, lips and jewelry continues this pattern, rendering fields of painterly imagery into suspended, isolated forms and collective populations dangling amidst solid planes of color.

"Vagina Tree was painted as a direct response to Penis Vine. I believe in gender equality, so I wanted to complete the pair. Voutsa recently debuted Vagina Tree at Maison et Objet, Paris, and completed a clothing line in collaboration with Paul Marlow."—G.V.


A different Voutsa Wallpaper will feature as background for each of Works & Days Quarterly's 2015 issues.