Walking Shapes - Winter Fell
Taka Come On (AWAL, 2015)

"New York indie-rock five-piece—Nathaniel Hoho (vocals, guitar), Jesse Kotansky (guitar, violin, vocals), Jake Generalli (keys, vocals), Dan Krysa (bass, vocals) and Christopher Heinz (drums)—Walking Shapes released their debut album Taka Come On in the UK on March 31, 2015 digitally via AWAL (a division of Kobalt). Recorded with producer Gus Oberg (The Strokes, Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson), Taka Come On is a fierce and eclectic ode to New York City.


"Walking Shapes is the living and breathing result of a creative environment centred in a house on Kingsland Avenue in Brooklyn owned by artist Joseph Grazi. Coming together in 2012, the band gelled organically: Initially formed through Hoho and Kotansky's late night writing sessions. Hoho rode the same train as drummer Heinz, who brought in bassist Krysa for a readymade rhythm section; Generalli and Kotansky had been friends since childhood. Signing to No Shame, its SOHO studio facilities made the hours of endless experimenting more accessible and soon they'd laid down something like 50-60 songs. Then producer Gus Oberg entered the picture, 'Gus was able to help us define our sound, whittling the tracks down slowly, then often took the first take,' explains Hoho. Kotansky adds, 'It's what allows us to create beauty out of chaos and send it back out into the world.'"—W.S.