Andaluz Collection | Granada Black 12.ANGA.B01 / by Stefan Hengst for WORKS_AND_DAYS 1/5

This year, the editors have invited Stefan Hengst to curate a series of wallpapers. For the winter issue, Hengst has selected GRANADA Black from his inaugural line of wall coverings. The ANDALUZ Collection of contemporary wallpaper is based on Hengst's photographs of Moorish architecture taken in Andalusia, Spain. These particular wall coverings are rooted in architectural motifs and urban landscapes that welcome in nature to create both warmth and history—while leaving behind a personal imprint.

The images work in tandem with the surfaces of objects that they cover—walls, ceramics, glassware, furniture, and textiles. Through these materials and the stories they tell, Hengst pushes himself to work in new creative directions. The ANDALUZ Collection was introduced at the ICFF 2012 in New York and recently added to the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum.