The string image is part of the String Ensemble Series; the string was shot with a Canon 5D camera and printed in white and black on gold paper. This image was recently included in a group show at New York's UNDERLINE Gallery, "MINE: Take What's Yours," which focused on gold as a commodity, medium, and object of obsession.

"The curatorial style of handling gold as a currency relates to the artist and craftsperson's manipulation of it as a medium. From gold-plated taxonomy to powder-coated steel shot with bullet holes, the collection of work underscores the malleability of the element. Additionally, the artists play with the virtually unattainable ideal of prosperity in its most material sense. From the golden statuary of Egypt and the gilded fašade of Versailles to the American Gold Rush, gold has signified, across cultures, the consummate extremes of opulence and authority.

However, beyond its financial significance, the metal—with its glistening allure and chemically inert properties—also represents a state of divine beauty and stability that trancends the constant flux of everyday life. At once, the metal signifies the tangible and the intangible, reflecting all the reality and illusions that come with wealth."

— The UNDERLINE Gallery