Contemporary Ethiopian music has fused diverse R&B, soul, and jazz influences, but Jano likes to call itself the first Ethiopian rock group.


Bringing together traditional melodies, bass and drum polyrhythms, metal guitar, soaring vocals, and dense electronic textures, Jano melds a rich musical history with a hard rock element from the other side of the world.


The ten-piece ensemble hails entirely from Ethiopia and recently released their first full LP, Ertale, written in the Ethiopian language of Amharic.


The song included here, "Aye Gude," is Amharic for "I'm in trouble." The lyrics translate as follows:


Listen to me:

I'm in trouble.


She is so marvelous and she's so beautiful.

She's so incredible; she's not like all the girls.

Her grace flows all over her body.

Her smile is like the sun; it reaches to the world.


I'm done. I've nothing left: I'm so overwhelmed.

I feel like I'm sinking—hit by a storm.

So girl, please do something to get me out of this mess.

I'm confused, so confused—people are calling me crazy.


Band members: Dibekulu Tafesse, Hailu Amerga Kassa, Haleluya Tsadik, Hewan GebreWold (vocals); Micheal Hailu Kebede (lead guitar); Gemechu Mezegebu (bass); Michael Melesse (rhythm guitar); Edward Gazzeri, Kirubel Tesfaye (keyboards); Yohannes Mekonnen (drums)