What's under your packet? May I take a peek?

He runs a juice plant in Tipton now, but Cory


stayed in Little Rock. The Fi after Semper is

slang for Latin, "Fidelis," two words joined for


"always faithful." It means no man or woman

left behind? In '84, Ty's father got blown up,


Marine barracks in Lebanon. That's why his

limb was buried at sea? Full, formal honor guard,


coffin, flag neatly folded, triangular? Just taps.

A dinner afterwards. They asked if he wished


to freeze the leg, to keep and save from hungry

sharks? Big Doug said hell no, what for? Cry


over spilled milk? I hope they choke. Brave

Ahab! Cat's food or mascara at month's end,


before my paycheck's due and instant lunches

already drunk? the lovely woman wondered.


Prone to attorneys sure to rise, on her new cell

she ran the light, in a flash slammed—just like


that—full speed a Rainbo Bread truck trying to

brake in time. No dice. Presto! here one second,


the next gone, quick set of angel's wings, halo

and harp. My goodness gracious her great-aunt


sighed, confused, sure Madeleine would be

engaged, not like the other girls. "The ugliest


man in the world is you," an ex-friend's mad

friend declared, a moment of lucidity. "You've


lived too long in Santa Cruz." Is the mop up

there? Garage? I'll drop it down. The married


radio self-help hosts found that way. The condo

near Grenada Hills? Does it look better like


this? Or this? You cut your hair. Judge said

you'll enlist or spend a year on Rikers Island.


Kay got hers well-frosted at the House of Wax?

"I'm no swordsman," Nixon confided to a friend