Floating Away
12 ½ x 9 inches
gouache and tea on wasli

"In my recent works, I have been investigating issues of self-identification within the lexicon of miniature painting, and, in the process, re-contextualizing miniature painting in contemporary art. My body of work begins with the exploration of self-portraiture through paintings of myself, my family members, and loved ones. In these works, I strive to find a balance between personal history and accessible, universal imagery. Resemblance is veiled by indirect representation; as such, I attempt to reflect myself in the faces of others. My work is gradually developing into larger and more complex paintings, infused with personal narratives and ever-changing fantastical landscapes. Although rooted in traditional miniature, the content is derived from my personal relationship with my surroundings. By observing the symbolism and iconography of the cultures around me, I construct imagery that fuses the real with the imagined."—H.S.