12 x 12 inches
print of papercut: soy ink, acid-free paper

“Fifteen thousand years is how long humans have walked the land upon which I live. It is also as old as the landform itself, marking the retreat of the glaciers that scoured out the Salish Sea. Calendars mark time. I wanted to mark a longer span of time than just one orbit around the sun. 15,000 circles have been scribed in space. 15,000 summers. 15,000 winters. And of those, only 100 with the automobile. Only 250 years of European shoes walking about. And here I am, living on the shoreline, making my way to town by boat when I am lucky and happiest. From that first step on this mossy ground and first paddle dipping into the protected sea, to the ones I take today, love has been the constant."—N.M.



"Nikki's calendars have become a staple in kitchens, offices and schools. Each image is an original papercut. Using only an X-Acto knife, a single sheet of paper, and the inspiration that surrounds her at her Olympia, Washington, home, Nikki McClure lovingly creates her intricate and beautiful papercuts. Her calendars are printed in Olympia, Washington by union labor."—Buy Olympia