The Coach House will become an echo for memories
site specific installation

The Coach House will become an echo for memories.
I will experience the Coach house and it will experience me.
Before, now, future.
Maybe the Coach House's old memories will push forward and exchange with mine as this building has seen its own past. Of horses and people, of behind and in front, of illusion, of concealment, of disguise and of pretense. From stables to castle, a façade to hide an ugly truth. Its not just buildings that change.
This work will be abstract, tenuous. It might be hidden, it might reveal itself.
It will be built and thought and made in 2 weeks.

“The installation is comprised of a central 3D drawing in which collections of my own objects/memories were arranged and contrasted with the Coach House's and mappings in both text and drawing."

"This site-specific installation was made as part of a Site Related exhibition. Three different artists, all with a ceramics background and practice produced works in response to various aspects of Dublin Castle. Titled, 'In the margins of our minds,' and curated by Gjertrud Steinsvċg, Norwegian crafts commissioned this project as part of the International Academy of Ceramics 2014 Assembly."—CT