Editorial Staff

Luke Cissell is a musician and composer who lives in Lower Manhattan. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, he was a fiddling champion at the age of eight and went on to train as a classical violinist. Cissell's recent work includes a collection of chamber music, a full-length album, and a suite for solo violin written as a companion piece to Cara Marsh Sheffler's Guide. His current projects include a new piece commissioned by the New England String Quartet, an opera based on Henry James's The Ambassadors, and preparation for the release of his second studio album, Cosmography. Play with his jukebox at http://www.lukecissell.com.

Sarah Marriage is a woodworking student at the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking program in Fort Bragg, California. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Sarah studied architecture at Princeton University and has at turns worked in the fields of architecture, structural engineering, occupational health and safety, dog-walking, data management, physics, youth empowerment, and construction supply. Recent projects include the rehabilitation of a nineteenth-century townhouse in Baltimore, Maryland. She also serves as Art Director, Designer, Programmer, and Calligrapher for Works & Days.

Cara Marsh Sheffler is a writer who lives on Manhattan's Lower East Side. In her past life as an actress, she was featured in Woody Allen's Celebrity and in The Looking Glass Theatre's Off-Broadway production of Much Ado About Nothing. A recipient of the Fagles Prize, she has most recently been working on Our Trespasses, a novella, along with an extended monologue about the guidebook used by the Donner Party, Guide. She is performing excerpts of Guide in tandem with Luke Cissell's (The Myth of) Infinite Progress around New York City. Sheffler is also providing the libretto for Cissell's adaptation of The Ambassadors. She has a perfect launch party attendance record.



Ashley Suzan Beck (Recipes: Comfort Food) was raised in Newport Beach, California, where she inherited her love for the kitchen from her Armenian mother and grandmother. Beck graduated from New York University and is currently working for the Marcus Samuelsson Group. When not styling a shoot or testing new recipes, she fancies running along the East River, knitting, reading Fitzgerald, and dining out with friends. She lives on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with her Morkie, Coco, and can be followed on Twitter @AshleySuzan.

Theodore Boyer (Vice) was born in Los Angeles and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Boyer holds a BFA from School of Visual Arts, New York (2011). He has had a number of solo and group shows including those at The HOLE, New York; Gallery Daepeen, Basel; and Museo de Ciudad Mexico, Mexico. Boyer's work engages a unique manipulation of imaging and modes of production to reveal a hidden language and knowledge of time, space, symbols, and cultural narratives.

Crisco Thunder (Psychedelic Workers of the World, Unite!) is a first-world recording artist residing in Fort Bragg, California, USA. He builds aggressive and thought-provoking disco punk by dismantling and reconfiguring dollar-bin records using samplers and the occasional synthesizer. The result is a blend of pop, hip hop, punk, and disco, which serves as a jarring testimonial to the current human condition. His influences include The Misfits, Van McCoy, MF DOOM, The Art of Noise, Born Against, and C-Span. www.criscothunder.com

Stefan Hengst (Granada Wallpaper) hails from the Netherlands, where he attended St. Joost Academy in Breda. He moved to New York City in 1996 to join World Studio as a senior designer, and struck out on his own to found 2K+ Design in 1998. He also shared a partnership with xSITE, working with Ingeborg Bloem and Klaus Kempenaars on several projects throughout Europe and North America. In a career spanning more than 20 years, he has been included in several exhibits and gallery shows and has won awards for design and photography. Throughout his divergent bodies of work, there is a sense of timelessness, of a frozen moment within a world of high-speed image saturation, no more or less meaningful than any other, but also no less full of wonder, complexity and nuance. His work is currently included in "MINE: Take What's Yours," an exhibition at New York City's UNDERLINE Gallery. The show runs until February 24. Hengst's wall coverings will serve as the background for all four 2013 issues of Works & Days. www.stefanhengst.com

Joshua David McKenney (Pidgin) is a Brooklyn-based artist, illustrator, and doll-maker. Originally from Lancaster, PA, Joshua moved to New York in 1999 to become a professional illustrator. After years of creating two-dimensional art, Joshua began experimenting with sculpture, mold-making, casting, and eventually porcelain—a progression that naturally led him to dolls, a life-long fascination. The result is Pidgin. A modern take on the classic European fashion doll, Pidgin is an expression of Joshua's aesthetic and his lifestyle in Brooklyn, NY. www.jdavidmckenney.com

Brian Newell (Unagi Console) began wood carving in his parents' Michigan basement at age eight. Performing the task with X-acto knives and great enthusiasm, he still bears the scars of his first encounter with a chunk of balsa wood. Since that time, his arsenal of tools has expanded along with his range of fantastic wood; however, his love of the work has remained constant. In 1989, he officially abandoned the University of Michigan and headed west to Fort Bragg, California, where his childhood hero James Krenov led a furniture course at the College of the Redwoods. After graduating from the Krenov school, Newell worked in Chicago as a pattern-maker for the scale model industry. By 1994, he had his own shop, making commissioned furniture along with an occasional speculation piece for Pritam and Eames Gallery in New York, and commuting between Chicago and Siena, Italy. Newell currently commutes between Japan and Fort Bragg, along with his wife, Mari, and their daughter. www.briannewellfurniture.com/

Sean Slaney (Eiffel Tower of Babel; Subversive Décoratif) is an emerging artist who lives and works in East Harlem, New York. Born in Boston, he moved to New York City in 1990 to study at Parsons School of Design and has since had his work featured at 450 Gallery, David McKee Gallery, and The Proposition. Working in window display and on photo shoots Slaney has done extensive installation work and prop building for numerous fashion brands including Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Ralph Lauren, and Jeffrey, as well as customized luggage, bags, and accessories for Louis Vuitton. His work frequently returns to his roots in illustration: his drawings, paintings, and limited-run handmade stickers make use of spray-paint and contemporary influences as heavily as they borrow from Antiquity and Renaissance ideals of beauty. Slaney's current projects center on his stencils, which are by turns playful and perverse, sunny and sly. His work can be seen at seanslaney.tumblr.com.

Ninni Timola (Americana) studied at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies in Stockholm, Sweden. She currently lives and works making furniture in the woods of southern Finland. She's drawn to adventure in life as in woodworking, and always looking for the true essence of human existence.

David J. Wheeler (Poems) is a student-poet living in Pueblo, Colorado. He studies Biology at the University of Colorado and, for the past three summers, has worked with a local youth corps on conservation projects along the southern front range of the Rocky Mountains. The work includes trail building, trail maintenance, fire mitigation, and erosion control. In his free time, he writes to express the experience and emotions he has gained and felt along his journey thus far. Wheeler is at work on a book of poetry, which may be viewed online at allpoetry.com/poems/by/DaWer

Eric Wines (Recipes: Comfort Food, Director of Events) hosts candlelight suppers and classy cocktail parties. Wines was raised in Detroit, MI and lives in New York City where he is co-owner of Tre restaurant in Manhattan and a member of Skylight Group, NYC's premier event venue collection. In his free time Wines enjoys biking, gardening, and volunteering for The Lowline. Follow him on Twitter @EricWines.