Mozart, in the halls of New York's flagship public radio station, laments the number of times that Bach is played. Someone is sexting him. While he frets, someone he likes is pinching his tits. He borderline freaks. His fits are consensual, the program encourages them, for there is a plate glass window, open to Varick street, bearing witnesses. A crowd gathers commensal, Wolfgang and the people, his lover among them. Such symbiosis makes a man vigorous...


/and so many other unlikely-ass rumors.


Somebody was there, in that time, with that spirit. I don't know, was it you? But somebody was there in that era of big phony glasses, and hair like lopsided bundles of long age is recovered until most of its participants, its Pericles and its Achilles, its un-Pericles and its un-Achilles, its anti-Pericles and its anti-Achilles—until all of them—(and, through recombination, all other permutations, e.g., its un-Pericles and its anti-Achilles, and so on and so forth, including misspellings of the names, either errors or intentional evolutions)—are dead and remembered. ...Was it you? Was it you who blew my house down with your wolf whistle? And what remains is a sense of pity the living have for the vanished—for those who came before and went through the same awful, humiliating harangue called living.


Those pictures of 1981 you'll get of the city, of people strap-hanging, of the grit and the blight—those terrific views of a pluripotent, silver-paced city. While we, impotent and amorphous, embarrass and ridicule ourselves, every item we agree with, calling it emptiness or the treacle of idle insignificants. Disrepute is living. The act of currently living is a disreputable act. It is so vain and over-determined. It is so on-the-nose and entitled, so in-yer-face and needy. It is so needy. I have not seen another person living who is not as needy as I am, and I am some kind of over-the-top form of needy.


It will come for you if it is coming. Stand up straight and stick out your torso. Don't tell us if you are fearful. Fear is not beautiful, and you, you sir are beautiful.


Closed Circuit (I):
P = I x V
Power R1 = (.0200A) x (1.97V) = 0.0394W
Power R2 = (.0228A) x (0.23V) = 0.005244W
Power R3 = (.0343A) x (1.72V) = 0.058996W
Power R4 = (.0105A) x (0.23V) = 0.002415W
Power RDecade = (.0542A) x (3.00V) = 0.1626W
Total Power Dissipated = P(R1) + P(R2) + P(R3) + P(R4) + P(RDec) = 0.269W
Check of this: PowerTotal = VoltageMax x CurrentMax
Total Power Supplied = (5.00V) x (0.0542A) = 0.271W