fruit fly loop low,
fruit fly lope slow,
blot my mascare',
blot my control;
fruit fly hug air
like a dee-crepit pear;
fruit fly possessed
in its dane-ga-lin there:
are u tired 'n depressed?
are u post-trauma stressed?
do u count every breath?
did u send for a chair?
fruit fly survive
just one week at a time...
fruit fly court death;
fruit fly don't care.

"Tests indicated 86 percent of the holy water, commonly used in baptism ceremonies and to wet congregants' lips, was infected with common bacteria found in fecal matter."

—Liz Fields via Good Morning America,
"Holy Water May be Harmful to Your Health,"
September 14th, 2013

"The Gunn rat emerged spontaneously in late 1936 in a Wistar rat colony. Its genetic basis is now well characterized as a Ugt1a single-base deletion frameshift mutation resulting in inactive bilirubin conjugating enzyme and hyperbilirubinemia. In contrast, the mouse model is a genetically engineered model created by introducing a premature stop codon in the Ugt1a1 gene; this results in an inactive enzyme. In spite of the similar gene defect in the two rodent models, they behave very differently, particularly with respect to survival. Severe jaundice develops in homozygous mutant mice soon after birth, and they die within 10 days, whereas Gunn rat pups, despite early hyperbilirubinemia, survive. Both models show significant cerebellar alterations. The striking difference in neurotoxicity is still poorly defined and should be investigated to better define the events leading to CNS [central nervous system] damage and death."

—J.F. Watchko and C. Tiribelli, "Bilirubin-Induced Neurologic Damage—Mechanisms and Management Approaches," The New England Journal of Medicine, November 21st, 2013

Do you think they hated Plato? And for so long the Italian elite of the blooming Republic would send their tykes to Greece, for education, growth, and awareness. Do you think those thinkers, the brilliant bodies beloved by Cavafy, despised Plato? They rambled in tightly bound intervals, discursive, their dense Gothic minds proving God. The web of solving logic, work was their argument, work, just work. ...I'd love to work with you. I really admire your work. I think we could make great work together if we really bear down and just work on it.