"However, after wandering about for some time without asking the way, I suddenly found myself back in the same street, where my presence began to attract attention. Once more I hurried away,—"
Sigmund Freud, trans. David McClintock,
Das Unheimliche [The Uncanny], 1919

Oh to be great at something! And not just to walk around my neighborhood wearing women's underpants! Oh to be Arthur Rubinstein or Emanuel Ax on the piano! Oh to be, to be...my every desire, my name in lights. Oh to be alive, to thrive, to bolt into the mainstream. To be the smoldering name in lights. To smolder you. To hover above, dip, swerve and whirl. To adjust my spectacles, to turn and see. To play Schubert's "The Trout" on a bridge over Paris, or blast Schumann into carousel rings. To achieve and to qualify me! I saw you on a rose-red morning. You saw me, and you hesitated, and you left. But you hesitated...!!

"—only to return there again by a different route. I was now seized by a feeling that I can only describe as uncanny, and I was glad to find my way back to the piazza that I had recently left and refrain from any further voyages of discovery."
—Sigmund Freud, trans. David McClintock,
Das Unheimliche [The Uncanny], 1919

Seems like that deep religious feeling goes into people's kids these days.
That feeling goes into people's kids.

—in a sense—

Recognizable, sacrosanct impulses. Everything public and profane, but for these brief angelic wonderments.

Oh-u-oh, I could die! ...Oh-u-oh, I could di-a-a-ie.

And in an email from Con Edison:

Paper bills are so last decade.1

To wit:

Want to help plant a tree?1


...we'll enter you into a contest for two tickets to the Michael Kors runway show February 12 during Fashion Week.1


It makes more of an impact than you think.1
...and dogs bark blue in the face.2

1An email from Con Edison, 11/26/13.
2Dylan Thomas,
Under Milk Wood.