and low-hanging—even for me who is always so quick to ire. ...I believe in barking, but I am also moved by other acts of courage."
—Gabrielle Hamilton, chef & owner of Prune, "Escape the Leash, It's Time the Master Howled," part of The New York Times' "Room for Debate" commentary on the lack of female representation in Time magazine's "The Gods of Food" story, 11/11/13

"Auden himself wrote: 'Have read the book and think it a masterpiece'."
—from the Wikipedia article on neurologist Oliver Sacks' 1973 non-fiction book, Awakenings, chronicling Sacks' work with encephalitis lethargica in the Bronx in the late 1960s; with the 1976 edition dedicated to the memory of W.H. Auden

"For me the most moving and powerful and creative act of courage of all is to fully live your life and do your work and offer all of yourself, even in the margin. ...To slip the leash and leave the master standing there holding it while you meanwhile are around the corner throwing an awesome party with all of your friends is the greatest act of defiance I can think of."
—Gabrielle Hamilton, Prune, "Escape...Howled," NYT