That is // correct.

We don't have the data?

That is correct. I do not know how many resistant infections are occurring right now. I don't know what the frequency of resistance in different bacteria are. We do not have those data.

"'Identity' is a dangerous word. It has no respectable contemporary uses. ...'Identities' will grow mean and tight, as the indigent and the uprooted beat upon the ever-rising walls of gated communities from Delhi to Dallas. ...In this brave new century we shall miss the tolerant, the marginal: the edge people. My people."

—Tony Judt, "Edge People,"
The Memory Chalet (2010)

"...the ceremony of necessary to reinvigorate a life that is on the verge of being lost in time...monetized time is always already slipping away. 'I don't have any time' is meant literally. There is no time, so there is no 'now.' ...'But!'—the argument runs—'...There is also another "Now" that is not "right now", but a "Now" that will truly be "Now", a revolutionary "Now" that will be a perpetual now-horizon, an always-now in which the transformation of our lives and interrelations and living will actually be possible.' ...The occupations were a geographic and biological form that could..."

David Hancock Turner,,
"Before the Revolution," September 21st, 2013

"There are a lot of important opportunities to raise up one's voice, to throw bricks, but this one just seems suspiciously too simplistic