"What is, what is life like for you when the camera isn't running, when you're not with people; do you...do you have some very bad times? [response] I hope, I hope you can forget, for some of the time—for a lot of the time. [response] Uh-huh, good, well, you know um ah Freud is in bad odor at the moment but when he said that the you know the two great life-sustaining, life-affirming things were work and love, I mean though one can't put it, more, shortly and, one can't put it better than that, and, that's what you're finding, so, I think the ah what would I say to you: work and love."

—Oliver Sacks, commenting in Indestructible,
a film by Ben Byer, regarding Mr. Byer's
life with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

O and the holy man says, and the holy man says:
It is too soon to tell, y'all. It is too soon to tell.
La-de-LA-la. La-de-LA-la-la.
So spoken by one Thomas Rudolpho Jones,
Il miglior fabbro, director of the waste management bureau,
Recently appointed after a thorough search by the Executive Committee,
From below me, promoted above me: a promotion both anticipated and accepted;
I am not displeased. I am not displeased.
As the Chinese proverb quills:
The man with the greater understanding of parallel capacitors shall prevail.
Dominus Illuminatio Mea.
Exiting Oxford; leaving Lloyds' lights on, Lordy. Holy holy holy.
I have shoved these fragments.

We used to send in texts our hugs like this: (you)
Or bigger, tighter, needier: (((you)))

And as with all things, my mother said it first: It is too soon to tell. We were sitting in the doctor's office, waiting for the doctor to tell us the outcome of the French Revolution, eating McDonald's, while I rubbed the nodule on the side my neck, and said, "Why did you say 'cancer'? In the hall with Dr. Andropoulos?" And she said, "A PET scan uses highly accelerated positrons, but runs on electricity." And she winked and I didn't get it. She thought to add—I remember it well, "It is too soon to tell, y'all; it is too soon to tell." And she stroked the tow on the top of my head.